MacDougall’s Transfer & Storage Ltd. Has the Space for Your Extras

Is deciding what to do about your inactive filing system giving you headaches? Call Bill or John of MacDougall’s Transfer & Storage Ltd. and let us tell you about our off-site record storage system.
Why Use Record Storage?
Active records, used frequently, are vital to the daily operation of your business and must be kept close at hand. Less active records, infrequently or never used, take up costly space which could be used on a daily basis for more profitable functions.
Off-site record storage from MacDougall’s Transfer & Storage Ltd. will provide you with cost-effective "as needed" space that is conveniently located, always accessible, alarmed, and much less expensive than alternative options.
How Do You Get Started?
MacDougall's Business Record Storage and Retrieval Center, will give you a move proposal that will help you plan the move for you and your company. We can offer assistance on the type of container(s) to use and how the inactive records should be marked for reference.
Using our records center will provide you with the following benefits:
Cost Savings

•  Removal of inactive records from high-cost office space to low-cost, off site storage
•  Pick up and delivery of records
•  Complimentary consulting services
•  Disposition of stored records
• Reference room for on-site examinations of records
• Requests for files are processed by telephone or fax
• Daily delivery
• Restricted access to records
• After hours alarm system
• Fenced-in compound
Don’t let your older and inactive records take up space or be stored in an area that’s difficult to get into and out of. Contact MacDougall’s Transfer & Storage Ltd today to discuss your business records storage needs.